House Beautiful - Front Cover - Feb 2015


Wide Striped Cushions, Lightly Felted Lambswool Cushions and

Moss & Stone Seating sphere (partially hidden, bottom right)

House Beautiful - Feb 2015 - Marygoodman cushions on cover    House Beautiful - Feb 2015 - Mary Goodman cushions and seating sphere


House and Garden - May 2015

Copper Foil Seating Sphere (Rear)

 Bespoke Gold Sphere (front)

House and Garden - May 2015

  House and Garden May 2015 - Seating spheres



Angels and Urchins Autumn 2014


Polarity Seating Sphere - Ember


Angels and Urchins Cover  


Countryside - January 2015


Polarity Seating Sphere - Moss & Stone, Rock & Snow, Copper & Tweed

Cushions - Shetland grey, moss & teal - merino & french crepe


Countryside - Jan 2015   Countryside Jan 2015 Mary Goodman spheres and cushions. Innovations in Wool

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