The Campaign for Wool - Interiors Wool Collection

Southwark Cathedral, 5th- 12th October


Mary Goodman has been selected to showcase in the WOOL COLLECTION which is curated show sponsored and run by the Campaign for Wool.


"The Campaign for Wool Interiors Collection (CfWIC) will be launched in October as part of the fifth anniversary celebrations of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool. Consisting of about fifty individual wool interior items of different styles – the CfWIC offers something of interest for everyone and at all price ranges.

A broad range of fabrics, flooring, furnishings and lifestyle items including craft and creative pieces have been gathered together to show the story of wool interiors in this the fifth Wool Week of The Campaign for Wool.  Covering High Street, Designer, Bespoke, and Commercial sectors, it has a special focus on stunning carpets and rugs of which the majority of British and New Zealand Wool is used.

The Collection and Exhibition is the work of Bridgette Kelly, interiors director of The Campaign for Wool and Arabella McNie, Curator and Stylist, who worked together on Wool House in March 2013."

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