Axminster Horizon Seating Spheres

duck egg and speckled ecru axminster ball  

The speckled ecru makes a striking combination with the richly coloured Axminster yarns. The wools are 100% British, known for their durability and longevity.

Size: 65 cm dia.
Style: Urchin
Yarn: Axminster - 80% UK wool, 20% nylon

Speckled Ecru and Blue Axminster   Speckled Ecru and Canary Axminster    
Grey Blue and Speckled Ecru   Canary and Speckled Ecru
Speckled Ecru and Moss Axminster   Speckled Ecru and tangerine Axminster
 Moss and Speckled Ecru    Tangerine and Speckled Ecru

* Horizon Yarn Types:


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