Polarity Seating Spheres

The principle design feature of these spheres is contrast. The wools are 100% British, known for their durability and longevity.

 rock and snow ball  

 Rock and Snow

This distinctive seating sphere is constructed from silver grey Jacob wool, hand-painted with a white silkscreen emulsion.The marled wool has been produced from the piebald fleece of the Jacob, a UK rare-breed sheep.

Size: 65cm dia.
Style: Urchin
Yarn: 100% Jacob wool


Herdwick and Tangerine Donegal tweed ball  


The coarse grey Herdwick contrasts beautifully with the super soft Donegal tweed wool in glowing Tangerine. The Herdwick comes from the sheep found in the upland hills of the Lake District. Due to the climate they produce a strong, rough wool with a fantastic texture.

Size: 65cm dia.
Style: Urchin
Yarn: Herdwick Wool
& Donegal Tweed Wool


In Stock: Rock and Snow : 10 Ember : 10
In Stock: 20
* Polarity Styles:


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