Single Yarn Seating Spheres

Beautiful in their simplicity, the single yarn seating spheres are sculptural pieces in natural grey tones. They are made in 100% British wools, known for their durability and longevity. A perfect addition to a contemporary interior.

full herdwick ball  

Herdwick - a coarse dark grey wool from the Lake District.

Swalewick - a combination of Herdwick and the softer silver grey Swaledale wool from the Yorkshire Dales.

Jacob - a finer gauge silver grey wool from a British rare breed sheep.

Size: 65 cm dia.
Style: Urchin
Yarn: 100% UK Single breed wool

Full Herdwick   Full Specked Ecru Axminster   full jacob
 Herdwick   Swalewick   Jacob

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* Single Yarn Options:


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